Ground Works

At Blue Rock we not only carry out first class surfacing we can also construct your new hard-standing from scratch including the excavations, sub-base formation, drainage and kerbing.  Any new surface is only ever as good as the sub-base, thus, poor workmanship can lead to a waste of a clients money and time.
Blue Rock ensures that the correct specifications and materials are used giving you piece of mind. It’s also in our best interest to make sure the initial ground works are correct as it makes the final stage of surfacing much easier to perfect.

With most surfacing projects a retaining edge is usually required. At Blue Rock we have a wealth of experience with the laying of all types of edging from HGV Titans to path edgings, commercial and decorative. We know how much a well-laid kerb edging can improve the overall visual appearance of any surfacing project. At Blue Rock we take a lot time and care to achieve perfect lines and consistent levels. It takes a lot of skill to get it right, especially when working with tight radius bends and multiple gradients.
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Inspection covers

We can provide and install inspection covers of all specs and sizes. We can set these via courses of engineering bricks. Existing inspection covers usually need rising when an area needs resurfacing; anything from twenty millimeters upwards is usual.
Levels checked via laser by our qualified civils team
Bollards and signage

Blue Rock can supply and install a range of bollards from timber and galvanized steel to telescopic solutions.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Thermoplastic Line Marking

Bluerock has a dedicated team to assist with any line marking you require from car parking bays to tennis courts we are able to offer a consultancy and design service.

We apply our marking out via tape, spray and machine in a range of colours and specs
We carry out marking of

• Parking bays
• Sports courts tennis, basket ball etc
• Primary school playground markings
• Speed ramps
• School logos
• Directional arrows and traffic systems
• Factory and warehouse lining

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Brief description of how we do it

It’s a sensible idea to CAT scan any area which is going to be excavated, that way any services can be located and carefully exposed before the digger starts working. Once the digging out has been completed and the spoils have been removed form site, we usually recommended installation of a geo-textile membrane to prevent contamination between the new stone and the sub-strata.
Profiles will then be set via laser level to ensure that there will be a consistent depth of stone laid, whilst ensuring sufficient falls to eliminate the risk of water pooling on the new surface. Stone sub-base will be specified in accordance with the usage of the new surface. Generally speaking we usually use a crushed concrete, followed by MOT type 1 granular sub-base. For permeable surfaces we use clean stone and a type 3 granular sub base. Once the stone has been carefully graded to the designated level it’s important to achieve good compaction. We use a large vibratory roller aiming for 98% MDD (maximum dry density). Once consolidated we then mark out the area with spay paint and a line so we have straight lines to work to with the paver – this in-turn helps reduce visible joints.

A good working drainage system is an important aspect of any surfacing project. It governs the levels and water discharge. We can help you plan and install drainage systems such and linear channels, silt boxes, gullies and storm crate soak-a-ways. We can also connect into mains storm drains subject to permission from local authorities
At Blue rock we can advice on suitable drainage options for any given area by calculating the amount of storm water run off and carry weight.
We only use the best drainage products, which we mainly purchased from Clark Drains. These products are manufactured to British Standards and are installed in accordance to there specifications.

Most new car parks and driveways need some form of lighting. Although we don’t deal directly with electrics, we can provide and lay ducting to set requirements.