Tarmac / Asphalt

At Blue Rock Surfacing we can cope with any size of project from simple patch repair, driveways or surfacing of super store car parks. Our materials are of the finest quality and laid to British Standards.  We operate a range of asphalting equipment including mini and carriageway sized pavers, plus, we aim for hundred per cent customer satisfaction at a competitive rate. COMMERCIAL (5)
Blue Rock will advise you correctly

Blue Rock will take into consideration all of the above and advise you after your free no obligation site survey. With so many material types available it’s absolutely crucial you receive the correct information. Failure to do so usually results in poor aesthetics and the material either sub-siding or deteriorating over a short period of time.

Asphalt Repairs
One of the best aspects about asphalt is that it is so easy to repair at Blue Rock we can do this in three different ways. For large areas which need resurfacing or patch repairing the most cost effective option is to use a road planner to reduce the surface level and reinstate with a new surface. For small areas such as pot holes or any area under fifty square metres is to;

Diamond floor saw around the damaged area depth dependent on area
Break out the insert with a breaker or jackhammer
Remove the waste via hand or sweeper
Clean the exposed surface of any loose material
Apply hot bitumen to the verticals ( this really helps any water penetration )

Apply via can or sprayer C40B4 Tack Coat Emulsion
Lay the asphalt to the required depth usually finishing around 10-15mm higher to the surrounds
Consolidate with a vibratory roller either pedestrian or ride on
Seal around the edge of the new asphalt with hot bitumen via a shoe not exceeding a band width of 30mm.

The other option is to infrared the damaged areas, a technique involving reheating the asphalt from the inside with an infrared machine that works similar to a microwave. This option is suited to small areas as the process is timely but the repair is seamless.  Another benefit of this method is the lack of noise created, which is great for surfacing repairs to sub-ways and large built up areas where noise pollution is an issue. At Blue Rock we have a number of infrared machines to cater for any size of project.
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So why use Blue Rock Surfacing?
We regard ourselves as one of the best in the business, not only are we competitive, we also offer a bespoke service from the initial site visit through to completion. You will find that we are professional, honest and courteous and we provide an element of presentation scarcely found in the surfacing industry, especially when it comes to bituminous and resin based materials. So many of our clients including those with private roads and driveways are delighted with the amount of care and attention we take. Every minor detail from quality control to general cleanliness is checked to ensure we deliver the perfect finish with minimum disruption to the client. We believe that it is due to this level of services that more than 40% percent of our business comes through recommendations.  We know that it can be a stressful ordeal finding a surfacing contractor you can trust within an industry with so much bad press. We want you to know you can relax knowing that with Blue Rock Surfacing London Ltd you are in safe hands.

Which material do I require?
Firstly many clients refer to the term tarmac when making an initial inquiry, Tarmac is term shortened from the word tarmacadam which was the first tar based surfacing system used here in UK. Invented by Edgar Purnell Hooley in 1901 this product doesn’t actually exist in its original form anymore.  Today the 3 most common surfacing materials are Asphaltic concrete this is basically a more advanced form of tarmac, Stone mastic asphalt used primarily for carriageways and hot rolled asphalt a product used mainly for heavy-duty applications. Before deciding which material is best for you the following questions need to be addressed:

a, Traffic type being either pedestrian, light vehicle or HGV maybe combined
b, Do I have an adequate sub-base or overlaying surface?
c, Drainage – Will the current drainage system be able to sustain the amount of               storm water run off once surfacing is complete?
d, Gradient – Can the necessary falls be achieved to prevent water pooling?
f, Do I need a high friction surface do prevent fall or injury?
e, Access – Is there room for the surfacing machinery to manoeuvre ?
Where can Blue Rock Surfacing lay asphalt?
Basically any area requiring hard-scaping can be surfaced with asphalt. At Blue Rock Surfacing we have experience in all types of application from under ground car parks to first floor apartment podiums. The most common project types we work on are listed below:

Driveway surfacing
Car park surfacing
Road surfacing
School playground surfacing
Multi use games area surfacing
Sports pitch surfacing
Forecourt surfacing
Footpath surfacing
Service yard surfacing
multi story car park surfacing

At Blue Rock Surfacing we have over 20 years experience with all asphalt grades from commercial to domestic, machine laid and hand laid. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects for clients such as:

London Aviation Centre
St Johns wood Church
St Mathews Church
Frost Landscapes
Green Landscapes
NEA Landscapes
Barrat Homes
Southwark Council
Topps Tiles
Sorgum Birch
Buyer and Shone
SEC Group
Comhoist Logistics
Ark Oval Primary School
Godstowe school
Spalding Grammar School
Saint Margaret’s Primary school
VVB Engineering
Broadway Construction

These are just a small selection.